Terri Crider
Hometown: Statesville, North Carolina
Residence: Hickory, North Carolina
Birth Date: September 4th, 1991

Growing up around racing builds a passion and desire for the sport. This passion and desire was built by watching my father and brother race. It wasn't until 2006, at the age of 14, that I began racing go-karts. I started out running a backup kart of my brother, Justin Crider. I competed in a weekly series at Orange County Speedway, an asphalt oval in Rougemont, NC. I was named 2007 Saturday Night Showdown champion. In 2014, I purchased my own flat kart and
made the switch to dirt oval racing. For
the past 2 seasons, I have raced at
Woodleaf Speedway and Coleridge
Speedway in the Clone LIte and
Clone Medium divisions. For the
upcoming 2016 season, I will be
the first female driver to
represent USFDR competing
in the Senior Champ division
at Woodleaf Speedway and
Coleridge Speedway.